Test Vehicle Management

Test Vehicle Management  |  Utilization level optimization  |  Test vehicle coordination  |  Ensuring milestone attainment.
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The number of new functions implemented in new models in the automotive industry is constantly increasing. Testing, which includes the required test vehicles for the various development stages, plays an essential role in the development process. 

Planning and management activities, in addition to optimal resource utilization throughout the entire development cycle all have an impact on the development costs. Market entry success depends on a well-founded test and product release strategy. An important factor in a successful test strategy is securing and ensuring the availability of real test vehicles. 

With our long-standing know-how in planning, coordination, and tracking within the automotive industry, we are a reliable partner in supporting your development activities. Our proven test vehicle management expertise and planning capabilities help our clients reduce development costs and achieve their development goals. 

Our capabilities include:
  • Early resource utilization planning and maximal reduction in required test vehicles
  • Ensuring test vehicles conform with requirements, from planning through to acquisition
  • Support in bringing vehicle into service 
  • Tracking and management of test vehicles over their entire life cycle
  • Optimization of usage levels of test vehicles


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