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Your point of contact: Götz Heuer
Preserving the good, and accepting new challenges - the organisation does not always need to be turned upside down. Nevertheless: A harsh wind is blowing in the times of digitalization. Big industrial enterprises need to transform in order to stand the test of time. For one reason, they need to implement digital business models, but they also need to act quicker and be able to react as well. That is why new organizational structures are necessary. Interconnectedness is key in many areas, in the heads, the systems, in processes, in the final product.

To manage the change, we are in close contact with our customers. It is important to determine requirements, show new roads, pave the way for the future, and the most important factor of all is the human being. The employees need all to step up for the change and create it equally together with the management. Therefore, openness and transparency are the main requirements for acceptance and success of organizational changes. Our experienced consultants will support you.
A selection of our performance portfolio:
  • Integration of hybrid Project Management
  • Encouraging agile values & principles
  • Setting up remote meetings and giving the opportunity to work remotely
  • Implementation of agile frameworks (e.g. Scrum, SAFe)
  • Introduction of new collaboration teams (e.g. guilds, product teams)
  • Support in transformational projects (organisational and operational structures)


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