Our Corporate values

  • Mission

    Technology and consulting from a single source - our aces accompany our partners to identify and exploit opportunities in a constantly changing world. Together we implement advanced solutions.

  • Our foundation: Best-in-class-Approach

    Together with our partners, we strive to develop individual solutions and implement them operationally. Within the framework of working as independently as possible, our aces advise with high standards for themselves. Our aces are continuously developed and supported in the best possible way. As a company we are one unit and cover a wide range of professional knowledge, which we make available to each ace.

  • Vision

    New Work. New Consulting. Motivation and enthusiasm drive our work - we shape the future together!

Our values stress a common identity and show what we stand for and how we act:


“We promote self-determined work and create scope for creativity. Everyone can take on responsibility with us and can contribute individually with their personal strengths.”


“We pursue the goal of delivering first-class performance and creating lasting success. Together we overcome obstacles and have the courage to break new ground”


“We keep our promise and realize the highest level of integrity. Consistent and transparent work at eye level is one of our most important credos.”


“We pull together and place the highest value on collegial interaction with each other. Each of us is valued and respected as an individuals and team member.”


“We bring passion and joy to our profession. We are there for our customers and colleagues with head and heart.”


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