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The process of developing technical products is constantly facing new challenges due to the increasing complexity of systems and shorter development times. The number of new functions in these systems is constantly increasing. This increases the potential of possible interactions between components and thus the probability of undesired behaviour and errors. If errors and problems are identified late, the effort required for corrections increases exponentially. Therefore, it is advisable to start systematic troubleshooting and extensive testing as early as possible.

We deal with the planning, preparation and evaluation of the software and related work products in order to determine, together with our customers, whether the specified requirements are met. The obtained knowledge helps decision makers to understand the system in detail and to make decisions about its use. Consequently, the costs of an increasingly complex development are reduced and quality is guaranteed.

We test our customers' functions and components across all test levels and at different test levels along the V-model. In doing so, we strictly adhere to a structured test process as required by ISO 26262.
A selection of our performance portfolio:
  • Test planning & management (test strategy)
  • Test analysis & design (test design and specification)
  • Test realization & execution (test protocol)
  • Test automation (EXAM, ECU test)
  • release management 
  • Keyword based test case specification
  • IBM Rational Systems
  • Vector (CANoe, CANape, CANalyzer)
  • Diagnostics (ODIS)
  • ISTQB certified testers


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