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Through professional requirements management, development errors are better understood and are detected earlier in the development lifecycle, thus minimizing costs. Through their work, our requirements managers create a common understanding of the problems.

This understanding is instrumental in better estimating development efforts and guaranteeing project completion on time and on budget. A precise requirements situation reduces the risk of developing the wrong product and also lays the foundation for successful testing and thus the verifiability of customer-oriented products. Test cases can be generated directly from the requirements and help to uncover errors (link/reference to service spectrum "Testing").

To enable successful development, we formulate, analyze and structure the technical requirements according to IREB standards and in close coordination with our customer. Through error-free and clearly formulated requirements, as well as active communication with the stakeholders, we create a working basis in which different interpretations or even contradictions are excluded. In addition to the consistency of requirements, traceability across (development) levels must also be ensured. Therefore, our requirements engineers encourage a cooperation, for example, between the requirements level and the architecture design (see service spectrum "Architecture").

During the development process, a wide variety of laws, international specifications and standards must be complied with.  These are often subject to strong temporal dynamics, which makes evaluation more difficult. We support our customers in the design and operational compliance of processes (e.g. VDA: Automotive-/ Hardware-/ Mechanical-SPICE) or the consideration of functional safety (ISO26262) and help to ensure that the requirement levels pass in an assessment.

A selection of our capabilities
  • Requirements Management & Engineering
  • IREB certified requirements engineers
  • Requirements Tools - application, first level support and coaching
  • IBM Rational Systems
  • Development of process specifications
  • Planning and creation of document landscapes
  • Linking strategies and ensuring traceability
  • Risk analyses
  • Actual/target analyses of system and component requirements
  • Release management 
  • Agile development methods (Scrum, Kanban)


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