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The more complex the system to be developed, the more important the task of our system architects. They maintain an overview of the system and understand the interactions between the system components. A system architecture has the task of deriving and decomposing the system requirements, and if the system is a pure implementation of software requirements, it is referred to as a software architecture.

The interaction between the individual system components is further refined by the definition and description of interfaces, which are defined for each system and/or software component on both sides of the interface. 

The increase in value of a powerful architecture may not be easy to recognize at first sight and may only become apparent in later development phases. A lack of coordination in the development phase can jeopardize the integration of the entire system and lead to considerable costs. 

We support our customers in the planning and implementation of system and software architectures. In doing so, we offer individual and customer-oriented solutions through the consulting of our experienced architects and provide support in the operationalization.

A selection of our capabilities:
  • System architecture (design)
  • Software architecture (design)
  • prototyping
  • Execution of graphical & model based systems and software for architecture and design


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