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Robotics is an ever-growing field, and its developments are more and more a part of daily life. Robots are no longer constrained to the shopfloor, and as robotics technologies improve, service and consumer oriented robots are entering an extraordinary stage of development.

As the trend towards using robotics in everyday life progresses, companies that wish to develop robotics products can face the challenges of navigating uncharted waters. Our team at 4ACES Tech can assist you in your robotic-related needs, whether you need to strengthen your existing robotics team, or you wish to delve deep into applied research.

Our expertise covers a broad spectrum of robotics topics:
  • Mobile robotics and autonomous driving 
  • Various types of platforms, such wheeled robots, drones and robotic arms
  • Computer vision, using both classical methods and deep learning strategies
  • Mathematical analysis, software development, sensor and hardware consulting

Our growing portfolio of projects include robotic applications for the agricultural sector, mobile robotics, and applied research on consumer robotics.


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